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Satellite Symposia Timetable
Saturday May 11, 2019
10:50-11:50 | Hall A | Satellite Symposium A
Supported by Novo Nordisk

Alleviating burden and promoting differentiation - the lifeline for β cells: Li Guangwei, China
The effect of insulin on weight gain:  Huang Qing, China
10:50-11:50 | Hall B | Satellite Symposium B
Supported by MSD

Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
Incretin in clinical, now and future: Wang Weiqing, China
Incretin and islet function:  Peng Yongde, China
10:50-11:50 | Hall C | Satellite Symposium C
Supported by Servier

Chairpersons:  Zhu Dalong, China and Wang Weiqing, China
The Importance of Glycemic Control: Li Yan, China
The Whole Journey Management of T2DM Patients: Su Qing, China
12:00-13:00 | Hall A | Satellite Symposium D
Supported by Eli Lilly

Chairperson: Wang Weiqing, China and Shan Zhongyan, China
New GLP-RA weekly formulation, new choice to control T2DM: Li Yan, China
Open the new era of diabetes treatment:  Li Guangwei, China
12:00-12:30 | Hall B | Satellite Symposium E
Supported by Bayer

Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
Improving management of type 2 diabetes: Stimulate insulin or provide beta-cell rest?: Qu Shen, China
GUT study: the new insigth the mechanism of acarbose action and benefit: Wang Weiqing, China
12:00-12:30 | Hall B | Satellite Symposium E

Supported by Novartis

Galvus Add-on Met, best partner - Clinical significance of VERIFY study from intensive therapy: Qin Guijun, China
Galcus Add-on Insulin, perfect complement - New choice of premixed insulin combined with OAD: Peng Yongde, China
14:30-15:30 | Hall A | Satellite Symposium G

Supported by AstraZeneca

Chairperson: Wang Weiqing, China
Only one pill once a day with 3 meals PPG control: Peng Yongde, China
New choice of hypoglycemic strategy: Early use, early protection!: Zou Dajin, China
14:30-15:30 | Hall B | Satellite Symposium H
Supported by Pfizer

Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China
Statins Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus from the Perspective of Vascular Inflammation:  Zou Dajin, China
Lipid Management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus from the Perspective of ASCVD Risks: Wang Weiqing
14:30-15:30 | Hall C | Satellite Symposium I
Supported by Omron

Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
Discuss the development and construction of endocrinology department from the diabetic complications screening of MMC: Wang Weiqing, China
Diabetic complications screening improve outcome of type 2 diabetes, from science to practice of MMC: Zhu Dalong, China
Sunday May 12, 2019
10:50-11:50 | Hall A | Satellite Lunch Symposium J
Supported by Hansoh Pharma

Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
Major updates on long-acting GLP-1RA for type 2 diabetes: Li Yan, China
10:50-11:50 | Hall B | Satellite Lunch Symposium K
Supported by Abbott

Chairperson: Ning Guang, China and Wang Weiqing, China
Chinese flash glucose monitoring consensus inerpretation: Li Yanbing, China
TIR: New index to evaluate short term glucose:  Wang Weiqing, China
10:50-11:50 | Hall C| Satellite Lunch Symposium L
Supported by Tide Pharmaceutical

Chairpersons: Liu Wei, China and Wang Weiqing, China
Interpretation of the guidelines for the prevention of type 2 diabetes: Su Qing, China
12:00-13:00 | Hall A | Satellite Lunch Symposium M
Supported by NovoNordisk

Chairpersons: Ji Linong, China
Precision medicine as general trend of the treatment - Application of GLP -1RA in new typing of diabetes: Shi Yongquan, China
12:00-13:00 | Hall B | Satellite Lunch Symposium N
Supported by CR Double-Crane

Chairpersons: Wang Weiqing, China
Combined treatment in time: Liao Lin, China
12:00-13:00 | Hall C | Satellite Lunch Symposium O
Supported by DongBao Diabetes

Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China and Wang Weiqing, China
The reasonable application of insulin in China: Guo Xiaohui, China
Discussion on Chinese Slow Disease Management Model: Xu Fengmei, China