About Sorrento


Sorrento is a beautiful and plentiful picturesque cliff side townoverlooking the bay of Naples, in southern Italy. Sorrento, also referred to the "Land of Colors” the "Land of the Mermaids”or lastlyas the"City of the Orange and Lemon Groves”, depicts the abundance, and the magic that this town of 16,500 inhabitants contains.

Sorrento, putting their lemon groves to good use, is famous for the production of limoncello, a digestif made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar.Further to this, it is renowned for its great craft tradition of inlaid wood, some examples of high value can be admired at the Museo-BottegadellaTarsiaLignea located in an ancient palace of the 18th century in the historical center.
A town of tradition, where combinations of kindness and hospitality are handed down from one generation to the next; with a mix of amazing architecture and breathtaking views, Sorrento is an amazing place that will forever be engrained in your memory.

Not only a town of tradition magic and wonder, Sorrento also has historical and legendary scatteringsthroughout its bays, cliff sides and streets. From witnessing the Greek ships sail across the bay, to the Roman Empire rise and fall and more. Various civilizations have inhabited the area, the Etruscans, the Greeks (who gave the city its urban layout that is still clearly visible today in the historical center), the Oscans, the Romans the Byzantium, the Longobards, the conquest by the Normans, and the Aragonese. After a long period of stagnation, the beginning of the 18th century saw a time of cultural, economic and social rebirth for the whole of Sorrento peninsula.
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