Program - THURSDAY, MAY 11

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Thursday, May 11    
May 12
, 2017
May 13
, 2017
Plenary Hall
08:30-10:00 SESSION 1 | Introducing Digital Medicine
08:30-08:35  Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China; Itamar Raz, Israel and Ralph DeFronzo, USA
08:35-08:55  The fourth technological reform and the world a generation from now: Mordechai Shani, Israel
08:55-09:10 Digital Medicine in the Western World: Itamar Raz, Israel
09:10-09:30  Medical and artificial intelligence of the Big Data era: Ke Yan, China (Vice President of AliHealth)
09:30-09:50 Data-driven revolution for better life: Fang Xiaodong, China (Vice President, and CTO of BGI TECH CO. Ltd)
09:50-10:00 Discussion
Technical Break
Hall A
10:30-11:30 Industry-Sponsored Symposium A | Early Multiple Combination Therapy of Type 2 Diabetes: The Role of DDP-4 Inhibitors Sponsored by MSD
  Chairperson: Chen Lulu, China
  DPP-4 inhibitors and metformin: The endocrine basis for their use in combination: Wang Weiqing, China
  Efficacy and safety of DPP-4 inhibitors in older type 2 diabetic patients: Peng Yongde, China
  Hall B
10:30-11:30 Industry-Sponsored Symposium B | Ethnic Differences in Insulin Treatment Sponsored by Eli Lily
  Chairperson: Li Xiaoying, China
  Ethnic difference in insulin treatment in Caucasian and East Asian patients: Shi Yongquan, China
  The importance of postprandial glucose in achieving HbA1c target: Liu Jianmin, China
  Hall C
10:30-11:30 Industry-Sponsored Symposium C Sponsored by NovoNordisk
  Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
  GLP-1 RAs and Liraglutide: The dawn of a new era in diabetes treatment: Ralph DeFronzo, USA
Lunch Box Pick Up
Hall A
11:45-12:45 Industry-Sponsored Symposium D | Beyond Blood Glucose Control Sponsored by Bayer
  Chairperson: Wang Weiqing, China
  Improving glycemic control in type 2 diabetes: stimulate insulin secretion or provide beta-cell rest? Peng Yongde, China
  Management of glucose fluctuation for diabetes patients: Li Yan, China
  Hall B
11:45-12:45 Industry-Sponsored Symposium E | Diabetes Standardized Treatment Sponsored by Sanofi
  Chairperson: Huang Qin, China
  Optimize basal insulin therapy based on standardized guidelines: Hong Jie, China
  What we know about DPP-4i's CV benefits? Li Qiang, China
  Q & A's
  Hall C
11:45-12:45 Industry-Sponsored Symposium F Sponsored by Servier
  Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
  Latest Chinese expert sulfonylure consensus interpretation: Li Yan, China
  Mechanism and prevention of DKD: Yu Miao, China
Technical Break
   Hall A
13:00-13-45 Industry-Sponsored Symposium G Sponsored by Pfizer
  Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China
  Vessel defense: Secondary prevention of ASCVD for patients with diabetes: Xu Yawei, China
  Stop ASCVD: Optimizing stain treatment in diabetes: Wang Weiqing, China
  Hall B
13:00-13:30 Industry-Sponsored Symposium H a Sponsored by NovoNordisk
  Chairperson: Zhu Dalong, China
  The long-term insulin treatment in the whole T2DM progress: Liu Wei, China
13:30-14:00 Industry-Sponsored Symposium H b Sponsored by Medtronic
  Chairpersons: Chen Lulu, China
  The value of CGM in a wide spectrum of uses in clinical practice: Ji Qiuhe, China
  Hall C
13:00-14:00 Industry-Sponsored Symposium I Sponsored by Eli Lily
  Chairpersons: Peng Yongde, China and Li Xiaoying, China
  Simplify the treatment of diabetes management: Feng Bo, China
  Add on strategy to treat metformin failure T2DM patients: Xue Yaoming, China
Technical Break
Hall A
SESSION 2 | Digital Medicine I
14:15-14:20  Chairperson: Ning Guang, China
14:20-14:40  Digital medicine - The vision and limitations: Mordechai Shani, Israel 
14:40-15:00  Awakening data and innovating medicine - big medical data helping precision medicine in real world: Sun Zhe, China (CEO, YIDUCLOUD)
15:00-15:20 To encourage digital initiatives in the market/academia/hi-tech/local government: Ning Guang, China
15:20-15:45 Discussion
Hall B
SESSION 3 | Debate and Consensus: The Association between Obesity and Hypertension
14:15-14:20  Chairperson: Luc Van Gaal, Belgium
  Is weight loss effective for long term blood pressure control?
14:20-14:35 Yes: Chen Lulu, China
14:35-14:50 No: Ehud Grossman, Israel
14:50-15:00  Discussion
  Bariatric surgery – is it an optional treatment for resistant hypertension in obese subjects?
15:00-15:15  Yes: Hong Jie, China
15:15-15:30  No: Luc Van Gaal, Belgium
15:30-15:45  Discussion
Hall C
SESSION 4 | Hyperaldosteronism – Review
14:15-14:20  Chairperson: Yang Jing, China
  Is it common?
14:20-14:35 Yes: Alon Grossman, Israel
14:35-14:50  No: Karen Lam, Hong Kong
14:50-15:00  Discussion
  Do we need confirmatory tests for the diagnosis of hyperaldosteronism?
15:00-15:15  Yes: Wang Weiqing, China
15:15-15:30  No: Andre' Lacroix, Canada
15:30-15:45  Discussion
Hall A
SESSION 5 | Digital Medicine II
15:45-15:50 Chairperson: Itamar Raz, Israel
15:50-16:10 Digital medicine throughout all stages of prevention and treatment of diabetes: Itamar Raz, Israel
16:10-16:30 When a "small" start-up thinks "big": Dov Moran, Israel
16:30-16:50 Discussion on the management mode of chronmic disease based on internet environment: He Haodong, China (Wanda Medical department manager)
16:50-17:00 Discussion
Hall B
SESSION 6 | Drug Therapy for Obesity Hypertension
15:45-15:50  Chairperson: Li Yuxiu, China and Li Qiang, China
  CPAP for sleep apnea- Is it effective in lowering blood pressure?
15:50-16:05  Yes: Gu Weiqiong, China
16:05-16:20 No: Ehud Grossman, Israel
16:20-16:30  Discussion
  Should we use different anti-hypertensive regimens in obesity hypertension?
16:30-16:45  Yes: Zhang Yifei, China
16:45-17:00 No: Alon Grossman
17:00-17:15  Discussion
Hall C
SESSION 7 | Microbiota
15:45-15:50  Chairperson: Zhu Mei, China
15:50-16:10  Obesity and kidney alterations: is the microbioma involved? Luc Van Gaal, Belgium
16:10-16:30  The gut microbiota and metabolic disorders: Karsten Kristiansen, Denmark
16:30-16:50  Gut microbiota, blood matabolites and obesity: Liu Ruixin, China
16:50-17:10 Personalized nutrition by prediction of glycemic responses: Gili Zilberman-Schapira, Israel
17:10-17:15 Discussion
17:30-18:30  Welcome Reception