Program - SATURDAY, MAY 13

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May 13, 2017
Hall A
08:30-09:30 SESSION 18 | Diabetets Complications
08:30-08:35  Chairperson: Wang Guixia, China
08:35-08:55  Diabetes and the Kidney: Ralph DeFronzo, USA
08:55-09:15  Diabetes and bone: Liu Jianmin, China
09:15-09:30  Discussion
Hall B
08:30-09:30 SESSION 19 | Preparing the Patient with Pheochromocytoma for Surgery
08:30-08:35  Chairperson: Zhu Jun, China
08:35-08:55 What is the optimal surgical approach for pheochromocytoma?: Sun Fukang, China
08:55-09:15  Unusual causes of endocrine hypertension: Wang Weiqing, China
09:15-09:30  Discussion
Plenary Hall
09:30-10:30 SESSION 20 | The Nobel Knowledge
  Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China and Itamar Raz, Israel
09:30-10:20 Next Generation Antibiotics: Ada Yonath, Israel
10:20-10:30 CODHy Award
Technical Break
Hall A
11:00-12:00 SESSION 21 | Telemedicine
11:00-11:05  Chairperson: He Lanjie, China
11:05-11:25  Diabetes care: Ji Linong, China
11:25-11:45  Diabetes prevention: Xu Yu, China
11:45-12:00  Discussion
Hall B
11:00-12:00 SESSION 22 | Bariatric Surgery
11:00-11:05  Chairperson: Li Yanbo, China
11:05-11:25  Long term effects of bariatric surgery: good and bad news: Lena Carlsson, Sweden
11:25-11:45  Types of procedures – endoscopic, open Beta cell function after surgery: Qu Shen, China
11:45-12:00  Discsussion
Lunch Break
Plenary Hall
13:00-13:45 Industry-Sponsored Symposium N | Forxiga Launch Ceremony Sponsored by AstraZeneca
13:00-13:05 Chairperson: Ning Guang, China and Wang Weiqing, China
13:05-13:10 AZ commitment to diabetes: Wang Lei, China
13:10-13:15 The 1st SGLT2 inhibitor-Forxiga Launch Ceremony: All Speakers
13:15-13:45 Diabetes progress evidence in China: from Onglyza to Forxiga: Ji Linong, China 
13:45-14:05  Role of the kidney in glucose heomostasis: implications for treatment of T2DM: Ralph DeFronzo, USA
Plenary Hall
14:05-16:00 SESSION 23 | CODHy SGLT2 Forum
14:05-14:10 Chairperson: Weiping Jia, China and Itamar Raz, Israel
14:10-14:35 Low rates of hospitalization for heart failure and all-cause death in new users of SGLT-2 inhibitors:
The CVD-REAL study: Kamlesh Khunti, UK
14:35-14:55 Panel discussion:  Feng Bo, China and  Su Qing, China 
14:55-15:00 Chairperson: Gao Xin, China and Peng Yongde, China
15:00-15:20 SGLT2 inhibitor: how will it change the landscape in type 2 diabetes?  Li Xiaoying, China
15:20-15:40 Case sharing  and insight from Real World Evidence from Hong Kong: Kathryn Tan, Hong Kong
15:40-16:00 Panel discussion:  Liu Wei, China, Shi Yongquan, China and Qu Shen, China