Digital Health Companies

                  CNOGA Medical Ltd.
CNOGA Medical Ltd. Invented, developed & distributes non-Invasive medical devices capable of measuring multiple Bio parameters. Based on 4 LEDs, a video image sensor and patented algorithm, CNOGA’s portable, lightweight devices measures over 14 bio-parameters empowers doctors and medical professionals with fast and safe clinical assessment. CNOGA’s cloud applications provide data management and analysis tools. Target users are medical professionals such as GP’s, hospitals, remote clinics, emergency services, occupational doctors, long term care institutes, eHealth home monitoring (chronical patients: Diabetics, Cardiovascular, pulmonary, anemia and others). The following parameters are measured in minutes: Blood Pressure, MAP, Pulse, Hemoglobin (HgB), Hematocrit (HCT), RBC, Blood gases (pH, sPO2, PCO2, PO2, Co2 and O2) stroke volume, Cardiac Output, Optical cardiogram and Blood Pressure Waveform. Cnoga‘s devices are light weight (<100gr.), portable and comfortable to use. Patient places his finger in the finger compartment and the device automatically measures and displays results in minutes. Results may be transmitted via blue tooth connectivity to CNOGA’s cloud application for medical professional review and further analysis. 

DayTwo translates each person’s unique gut microbiome into surprising food recommendations, personally tailored for maintaining balanced blood sugar levels. We benefit diabetics and pre-diabetics, as well as those with obesity and other metabolic disorders. Elevated postprandial (post meal) blood glucose levels are a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, obesity and type II diabetes, but current dietary guidelines induce high blood glucose responses in many cases, thereby accelerating development of the metabolic diseases they were intended to treat. A study published by Prof. Eran Segal and Dr. Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute in Israel (Cell 2015) found that people have high variability in the response to identical meals, with the gut microbiome being a major driver of interpersonal variability. Integrating multi-dimensional data into a machine learning algorithm resulted in successful prediction of the individualized post-meal glucose response to any real-life complex meal and personalized dietary interventions based on the algorithm successfully normalized post-meal glucose levels. DayTwo uses and extends the algorithm to provide personalized nutrition and actionable insights that allow people to live healthier and maintain normal blood sugar levels.
Just breath! Non-invasive breath decoder for blood glucose metering.
Cutting-edge technology that observes the indicator gases in breath with
unprecedented sensitivity, in real-time, in reasonable size and cost for personal and institutional use. Israel, USA, India. Our team Includes inventors with international experience and achievement based recognition in detecting hundreds of gases in high and low complexity level (ppt & ppb sensitivity). Absolute measurement in several seconds, non-invasive small device for personal use along with clinic’s high performance instrument for multiple compounds simultaneously. eXscopia, making the life of diabetics effortless and simple.
GlucoMe is a comprehensive digital diabetes care platform that consists of a Smart Glucose Monitor, Insulin Pen Monitor, Mobile App and cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic. Glucose measurements and insulin intake are automatically recorded by each patient’s smartphone, and analyzed in the cloud. GlucoMe’s personalized reports, real-time alerts and proactive treatment approach help medical professionals and patients ensure compliance, optimize diabetes management, improve HbA1c levels, and impact overall quality of life. GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Clinic integrates with EHR and continuously analyzes clinical data, providing treatment recommendations for each patient. Along with population management, GlucoMe enables digital or face-to-face intervention for the right patients at the right time.

HeraMED™ ( is introducing a lineup of innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions, that address an unmet market of over 50 million pregnant women every year. Our first product, HeraBEAT™, is a sleek, professional-grade, home fetal Doppler, that allows pregnant women to easily track their baby’s wellbeing, anywhere and anytime. It was designed and developed to allow the expectant mother to measure fetal heart rate effortlessly, accurately and safely. Dedicated design harnesses proven ultrasound Doppler and optical technologies, together with optimized hardware and software, resulting in unprecedented accuracy for home use. Protected by over 13 pending patents. Recently received CE approval.

  iFeel Labs
iFeel develops the first autonomic nervous system (ANS) digital therapy to monitor and supplement traditional treatments for stress, hypertension, diabetes and pulmonary diseases. iFeel’s fun mobile games optimize the way patients breathe, balancing their autonomic nervous system and improving cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. The iFeel solution combines the science of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) respiratory biofeedback training, medical-grade heart rate PPG sensors, and a patent pending algorithm to predict and treat chronic diseases.
Oxitone developed the world’s first smart wrist-sensor blood oxygen monitor without a bulky fingertip probe that enables continuous medical supervision of patients across multiple chronic diseases and all ages and geographies Oxitone product is an elegant bracelet with oximetry (SpO2), pulse and motion wrist biosensors, companion patient self-management app and cloud supervisor’s portal. It is the world first and only wrist worn Pulse Oximeter that replace the fingertip devices. By moving the measurement from the fingertip to the wrist we allow the patient to wear it 24/7 and to replace the spot check measurement with continuous measurement. We can identify trends and changes and produce automatic alerts that can be sent to family members , clinician , care giver or emergency 24/7 call center . We are changing the life of chronic disease patients suffering from lung disease (COPD) and heart Failure ( CHF)