Program - Friday, May 11

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Friday, May 11  
Saturday, May 12, 2018
FRIDAY 11 MAY, 2018
Hall A
09:00-10:30 Session 1 | Interaction of Hypertension and Diabetes
09:00-09:05 Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China, Ehud Grossman, Israel and Shi Bingyin, China
09:05-09:20 MMC: An innovation promoted one-stop metabolic disease and complication management center: Wang Weiqing, China 
09:20-09:40  The clinical application of omega3 with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes: Wang Weiqing, China
09:40-10:00  Gastrointestinal microbiota: the new pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus: Peng Yongde, China 
10:00-10:20  The effects of hypoglycemic agents on blood pressure: Ehud Grossman, Israel  
10:20-10:30  Discussion
Hall B
09:00-10:30 Session 2 | Type 1 Diabetes
 09:00-09:05 Chairpersons: Paolo Pozzilli, Italy, Tong Nanwei, China and  Xiao Haipeng, China
 09:05-09:25 Type 1 diabetes, from prediction to prevention: A long Journey: Zhou Zhiguang, China
 09:25-09:50 Type 1 diabetes in Asia vs. the rest of the world: Pathophysiology present and future:  Paolo Pozzilli, Italy
 09:50-10:10 The effect of glucose and incline of brain function: Zhu Dalong, China 
 10:10-10:30 Discussion
  Hall C
09:00-10:30 Session 3 | Treatment Individualization
 09:00-09:05 Chairpersons: Eberhard Standl, Germany, Chen Li, China and Chen Lulu, China
 09:05-09:20 Individualized BP treatment targets: Bi Yufang, China
  Treatment personalization after the CVOT trials?
 09:20-09:40 Yes: Antonio Ceriello, Italy
 09:40-10:00 No: Eberhard Standl, Germany
 10:00-10:20 Technology Support: Are we there? Ji Linong, China
 10:20-10:30 Discussion
Coffee Break
Hall A
10:50-11:50 Industry Symposium A
Hall B
10:50-11:50 Industry Symposium B
Hall C
10:50-11:50 Industry Symposium C
Lunch Box Pick Up
Hall A
12:00-13:00 Industry Lunch Symposium D
Hall B
12:00-13:00 Industry Lunch Symposium E
Hall C
12:00-13:00 Industry Lunch Symposium F
  Hall A
13:00-14:30 Session 4 | Treatment Initiation In T2DM (early combination): China vs. The Rest of the World
  Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China and Ji Linong, China
 13:05-13:30 (China) Treatment Initiation in T2DM : Why early combination?: Ji Linong, China
 13:30-13:55 (Overseas) Treatment initiation in  T2DM : Timing, population and treatment regimen: David Strain, UK
 13:55-14:20 Treatment regimen of short-term insulin intensified therapy: Li Yanbing, China
 14:20-14:30 Discussion
  Hall B
13:00-14:30 Session 5 | The Elderly T2DM
 13:00-13:05 Chairpersons: Michael Bursztyn, Israel, He Lanjie, China, Philip Home, UK and Li Qiang, China
 13:05-13:25 Obesity and sarcopenia: Luc Van Gaal, Belgium
 13:25-13:45 How to select anti-hyperglycaemic therapies:  Philip Home, UK
 13:45-14:05 How to select hypertensive treatment: Ehud Grossman, Israel
 14:05-14:30 Discussion
  Hall C
13:00-14:30 Session 6 | The Outcome of Metabolic Blood Pressure Variability in Diabetes
 13:00-13:05 Chairperson: Antonio Ceriello, Italy, Li Yuxiu, China and Shan Zhongyan, China
 13:05-13:25 Metabolic nephropathy-what are the key risk factors? Yiming Mu, China
 13:25-13:40 Implementation Strategies for Blood Pressure Control in Hypertensive Patients: Jiang He, USA
 13:45-14:05 The role of glycemia variability in cardio vascular outcomes: Antonio Ceriello, Italy
 14:10-14:30 Discussion
Hall A
14:30-15:30 Industry Symposium G
Hall B
14:30-15:30 Industry Symposium H
Hall C
14:30-15:30 Industry Symposium I
Coffee Break
Plenary Hall
15:45-16:25 Welcome Session | Opening Ceremony
 16:20-18:00 Welcome Session | Key Note Lectures 
  Chairpersons: Ning Guang, China and Itamar Raz, Israel 
 16:20-16:40 Using AI to improve diabetes management: Ronni Gamzu, Israel  
 16:40-17:20 The molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription: Roger D. Kornberg, USA 
 17:20-17:50 Questions & Answers 
17:50-18:00  CODHy Presentation
18:00-19:00  Networking Reception