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ATLASense Biomed provides an innovative, mobile, continuous Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution with analysis software. The solution enables the earliest possible detection of life threatening conditions and trends. Physicians and caregivers configure the system to deliver just the alerts and reports they need, to better care for their patients and reduce the burden of data overload.
The solution includes the PolyMonitor™, a compact, torso-worn multi-parameter sensor that detects an unprecedented array of physiological signals and body position parameters. Patent-pending software algorithms analyze this comprehensive monitored data to detect and report conditions needing immediate intervention.
The ATLASense Biomed Remote Patient Monitoring solution is built on a cloud platform with open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), allowing partners and 3rd parties to create their own innovative applications.
Worldwide, 420 million people suffer from diabetes. Of these, 153 million people are treated with insulin injections, $24B annual revenues. To provide an effective treatment for diabetes, Betalin Therapeutics is developing the Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP), a breakthrough technology that within few days following a simple under the skin injection of EMPs, the patient will no longer need to use insulin injections and will restore the body's intrinsic insulin generation capabilities.
BioBeat develops a cutting-edge wearable monitor for continuous non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital signs, including: continuous blood pressure, saturation, respiratory rate, heart rate, consciousness, cardiac output, stroke volume, body temperature, steps, sweat and more.
This solution introduces a new concept of continuous vital-signs measurements ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. BioBeat’s wearable automatically uploads the recorded data to a smartphone based app and to the cloud, where it can be monitored remotely. Caretakers may intervene as signs raise alert and user may receive alerts directly from the app. This provides caretakers with an important tool to assist in disease management and to optimize clinical outcomes.
CNOGA Medical Ltd. is a privately held international company with headquarters in Israel and branch offices in China and Brazil. Cnoga Medical developed and distributes innovative Non-invasive medical devices for Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease management. We are the first company in the world that developed a line of Non-invasive and pain-free products that comply with the highest accuracy and quality standards. Using a camera real-time color image sensor and unique patent algorithm Cnoga medical manages to detect blood chromatic changes and analyze a vast amount of data as a function body physiology. This enables the capability to compute desired Bio Parameters in a non-invasive manner. Noninvasive products:
• TensorTip Combo Glucometer: the most accurate commercial non-invasive glucose measurement device for diabetic patients.
• TensorTip MTX/VSM: a compact innovative device that measures non-invasively 16 bio parameters in less than a minute.
The TensorTip MTX/VSM can measure cuff less blood pressure, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RBC, Pulse, Spo2, pH, Blood gas and Hemodynamic paramters. Cnoga devices are approved for marketing in more than 37 countries (Certifications: CE mark approved, CFDA, Anvisa, U.S FDA approved for Blood pressure & Pulse).
New Beginning is a Digital Health - Wellness Innovation Agency. New Beginning is a pioneer in the field of Innovation management, strategy, execution and brand building for the digital health and wellness industries since 2013.
Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. We aim to transform and improve the healthcare market and reduce budgets through innovative consumer-health solutions, services, technologies and business models.
We operate in the Health IT fields of Telemedicine, iOT, Medical Devices, Wearable Sensors Devices, Mobile Applications, Diagnostics and Monitoring, Point-of-Care (POC), Emergency Intervention, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Chronic Disease Management, Health System Management Platform.
Those solutions are for home use and professional environment managed by hospital, HMOs, clinics, physician's offices and other institutional entities.
Our team brings extensive experience from multiple backgrounds including consumer goods, lifestyle and technology to the healthcare industry. This allows us to provide an end-to-end solution from ideation to execution, product development to commercialization.
New Beginning is active in identifying and sourcing cutting edge technology solutions for health industry leaders, medical devices, pharmaceutical companies and investors. We can help you facilitate and manage your partnership and investment in the startup nation.
We innovate as entrepreneurs, we operate as startups and we execute as industry leaders to deliver exceptional results
Plate my Meal developed world’s most simple concept to healthy eating!
Backed by clinical trials proving it has significant impact on children’s eating habits and endorsed by Ministries of Health!
Addressing healthy eating 3 major dilemmas with simple & applicable answers:
WHEN to eat – 5 designated plates for 5 meals and snacks a day
WHAT to eat – Choose from a variety of foods and food groups suggested on each plate
HOW MUCH to eat – Portion control by compartment size
Plate my Meal’s edge:
• Backed by academic research proving Plate my Meal has significant impact on children’s eating habits – Decreasing food intake and increasing vegetables and protein intake.
• IP protected
• Endorsed by Ministries of Health
VOTIS Subdermal Imaging Technologies helps diabetics keep their feet. We screen for peripheral vascular disease and infection, and help the healthcare provider to diagnose and monitor their scope and severity. We gather information entirely non-invasively, and transmit the captured information via the cloud to remote servers for analysis and classification according to objective standardized criteria. We automatically create a dynamic 3D model of tissue and arteries within the foot. The processed information is transmitted into the patient’s electronic medical records. Access to this information can significantly reduce amputation rates by enabling healthcare providers to utilizing a range of less-drastic treatment options that may not be available if the disease progresses.