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Contact person: Udi Gordon
Tel: +972-525735720
Take a minute to prevent blindness!
There are over 400 million people with Diabetes worldwide. 1/3 of them develop Diabetic Retinopathy, the leading cause for blindness within working age adults.
Camereyes is developing a simple, end-to-end solution for detecting and monitoring Diabetic Retinopathy, at a push of a button, for places where professional ophthalmologists may be scarce or far away.
Leveraging cutting edge optics and advanced deep learning algorithms to provide high quality, fully automated online solution that requires no special setup or skill, making it ideal for primary care providers everywhere at any time.

CNOGA Medical Ltd. is a privately held international company with headquarters in Israel and branch offices in China and Brazil. Cnoga Medical developed and distributes innovative Non-invasive medical devices for Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease management. We are the first company in the world that developed a line of Non-invasive and pain-free products that comply with the highest accuracy and quality standards. Using a camera real-time color image sensor and unique patent algorithm Cnoga medical manages to detect blood chromatic changes and analyze a vast amount of data as a function body physiology. This enables the capability to compute desired Bio Parameters in a non-invasive manner. Noninvasive products:
• TensorTip Combo Glucometer: the most accurate commercial non-invasive glucose measurement device for diabetic patients.
• TensorTip MTX/VSM: a compact innovative device that measures non-invasively 16 bio parameters in less than a minute.
The TensorTip MTX/VSM can measure cuff less blood pressure, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RBC, Pulse, Spo2, pH, Blood gas and Hemodynamic paramters. Cnoga devices are approved for marketing in more than 37 countries (Certifications: CE mark approved, CFDA, Anvisa, U.S FDA approved for Blood pressure & Pulse).

Corporate Contact: Shmuel Herschberg,
Marketing Director
DarioHealth Corp. (NASDAQ: DRIO) is a leading global digital health company serving tens of thousands of users with dynamic mobile health solutions. We believe people deserve the best tools to manage their treatment, and harnessing big data, we have developed a unique way for our users to analyze and personalize their diabetes management. With our smart diabetes solution, users have direct access to track and monitor all facets of diabetes, without having the disease slow them down. The acclaimed Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System all-in-one blood glucose meter and native smartphone app gives users an unrivaled method for self-diabetes management. DarioHealth is headquartered in Caesarea.

Eco-Fusion is a digital therapy company offering a flexible mobile platform that addresses a variety of chronic illnesses. The company's initial focus is diabetes management. Its patent pending stress reducing technology, Serenita, was shown to reduce A1c levels of Type II diabetics with high blood sugar by 18% within 8 weeks. The company's platform NewMe is a mobile and web platform that connects patients and caregivers, allowing medical professionals to deliver, monitor, and adjust treatment. The system provides a picture of the patient's health that includes medical records, biometric real-time data, and daily health-related activity. NewMe Diabetes is geared toward Type I, Type II, and gestational diabetes.

GlucoMe is a comprehensive digital diabetes care platform that consists of a Smart Glucose Monitor, Insulin Pen Monitor, Mobile App and cloud-based Digital Diabetes Clinic. Glucose measurements and insulin intake are automatically recorded by each patient’s smartphone, and analyzed in the cloud. GlucoMe’s personalized reports, real-time alerts and proactive treatment approach help medical professionals and patients ensure compliance, optimize diabetes management, improve HbA1c levels, and impact overall quality of life. GlucoMe’s Digital Diabetes Clinic integrates with EHR and continuously analyzes clinical data, providing treatment recommendations for each patient. Along with population management, GlucoMe enables digital or face-to-face intervention for the right patients at the right time.

HeartBeat Technologies (HBT) has developed proprietary software that enables doctors, nurses and individuals to monitor heart related parameters and provide non-invasive care management. HBT's solution provides actionable tools that are reliable and user friendly to help prevent hospitalization and re-admissions by remotely monitoring patients. The parameters monitored are heart rate, oxygen levels, continuous blood pressure, cardiac output, stress, hydration and other cardiovascular parameters when paired with off-the-shelf Pulse Oximeter or a wearable device such as the Polar M600.

iFeel develops the first autonomic nervous system (ANS) digital therapy to monitor and supplement traditional treatments for stress, hypertension, diabetes and pulmonary diseases. iFeel’s fun mobile games optimize the way patients breathe, balancing their autonomic nervous system and improving cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. The iFeel solution combines the science of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) respiratory biofeedback training, medical-grade heart rate PPG sensors, and a patent-pending algorithm to predict and treat chronic diseases.